Withoutabox SD online screener needs an upgrade to HD


I just uploaded my latest short film Dead man’s hand to Withoutabox’s online screener which technically is on IMDB’s website. I was appalled by the extremely low quality the HD movie looked like on the screener. This film was shot on Red, color corrected with Davinci and the screener made it look like I took an old camcorder and just decided one day to make a movie. Instead of the months of pre-production and thousands of dollars that went into creating it. After doing my reasearch I found out that the online screener is still in SD format. What?! It’s 2012 and HD has been going strong for several years now and isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Yes people still film in SD but there are so many more that film in HD so it’s high time they upgrade their system to accept HD quality movies. I want the festivals to see how beautiful the film is in the highest quality it can be. So I posted on Withoutabox’s Facebook page and said something about it. Maybe they haven’t upgraded because there hasn’t been enough stink about it. So I ask all filmmakers and film festival folks to go to Withoutabox’s FB page and demand their online screener be upgraded to accept HD! And with that said I’m going to go break a few Standard Def. DVDs.


There Will Be Blood Brilliant Video Analysis

There Will Be Blood Analysis

Snow White and Huntsman review


After watching Snow White and The Huntsman I was left feeling ‘alright’. From the trailer, I went in expecting this great movie, but it turned out to just be ‘alright’. Charlize Theron was wonderful as usual and the overall cinematography was beautiful. I’m well aware that this is a fantasy movie, but some of the fantasy elements seemed to come out of nowhere pulling you out of the story for a moment. The scene with the intro to the white horse and the scene with the two birds in the ‘fairy land’ will have you laughing to yourself when I don’t believe that was the intention of the screenwriter or director. These two scenes just come out of left field so much that you can’t help but to say yourself “what then hell?” Which brings about an uncomfortable chuckle to mask your confusion. Kudos goes to the folks that cut the trailer. They did an excellent job making the movie look 100 times more exciting than it truly is. I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart, but the director really brought out more in here for this role than I’ve seen of her in any other role she starred in so kudos to him as well. I left feeling that the only saving grace of the movie was Charlize Theron and ‘Thor’. My rating on Snow White and the Huntsman for the story is a B-. For cinematography and artistic vision an A. For direction a B. My overall rating for the entire film is a B-. If you just want to get out of the house and be slightly entertained then go see it, but I’d say wait for it to hit redbox and save your money. Go see Avengers for the 2nd time or hold onto your money for Prometheus which is sure to be incredible, Ridley Scott, enough said. *drops microphone*

Cinematography For Videogames” First Ever To Be Taught in a Film School

The New Class To Be Presented at CineGear Expo 2012 by The Global Cinematography Institute

Cinematography in Video Games and Virtual Cinematography will be shown as part of the presentation by the Global Cinematography Institute (www.globalcinematography.com) founded recently by Directors of Photography Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC and Yuri Neyman, ASC. It is the advanced program which combines classical and virtual cinematography in the new discipline called “Expanded Cinematography” which includes Advanced Lighting for Feature Films, Cinematography for Music Videos, Funda mentals of Lighting and Composition, Digital Lighting, Previsualization, Digital Cinematography, Virtual Cinematography, On The Set Image Management, Postproduction Technology, The History of Cinematography & Photography, and more. The presentation will take place during CineGear Expo ’12 on Saturday, June 2nd from 4 to 5pm in the Sherry Lansing Theater at Paramount Studios: http://www.cinegearexpo.com/category/seminars/premiere-seminars

Films to See Before You Die: #25 The Usual Suspects


usual suspects

The Usual Suspects (1995)

Director: Bryan Singer

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Pollak, Benicio Del Toro, Kevin Spacey, Chazz Palminteri, Peter Postlethwaite

Synopsis: Police investigating an exploded boat on a San Pedro pier discover 27 bodies and $91 million worth of drug money. The only survivors are a severely burned and very scared Hungarian terrorist and Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey), a crippled con-man. Kint is questioned by US customs agent Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri), who forces him to tell the whole story from square one. Kint begins with him being put in a pine up with four other common criminals McManus (Stephen Baldwin), Fenster (Benicio Del Toro), Hockney (Kevin Pollak), and Keaton (Gabriel Byrne) over a truck full of weapons that was hijacked. None of them are guilty but the cops try to pin it on them anyways so they decide to take revenge by attacking an illegal taxi…

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Official: The Great Gatsby 2012 Trailer – Baz Lurhmann – Keeping the Magic Alive


And He does it again. Can Baz get nothing wrong?

Audiences have been eagerly anticipating the official release of the Great Gatsby trailer and here it is. Adorned in splendid glits and breathtaking glamour, this trailer promises to deliver what we have only come to expect from a Lurhmann/Dicaprio duo, pure excellence and flawless cinema.

Baz’s sheer brilliance combined with Leo’s onscreen dynamism framed by this all time classic can only mean one thing; this is going to be one for the record books.

With the added advantage of being set in the roaring 1920’s, Great Gatsby is without doubt set to exhibit dazzling costumes, flamboyant set designs and quality drama.

Adapting the classic novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the directors, writers and filmakers have taken on the enormous challenge not only to recreate an already pre-existing marvel but to do it with flare. With an innovative soundtrack with slight similiarities to the TRON: legacy sound, we…

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