A Constant Visual Feast

I am standing in a field, alone but for the hulking, impeccably shaped and utterly inhuman craft resting before me, utilitarian and yet awesome to behold at the same time. How did I end up in this field? I’m not even cognizant of the steps I took to get here, or the reasoning behind my nighttime jaunt. But here I am, sole witness to the arrival of this technological and artistic wonder; its engines still whisper gently, no longer issuing the cacophonous hum that emanated from the vehicle as it made its rapid and yet perfectly smooth descent to the Earth’s surface. I’m frozen to the spot. I could not move even if I wanted to.

A door opens, unfolding quietly to the ground. I couldn’t even perceive it as a door at first; it’s as though the ship itself determined that a door should be there. No sooner does…

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About Star Victoria

We are an independent film studio specializing in the art of visual storytelling. We also hold monthly storytelling seminars, acting classes and filmmaker workshops. Our director Star Victoria mentors 10 filmmakers a year voluntarily as she enjoys giving back and sharing her knowledge. For more information on any of the workshops, seminars, classes or being mentored by Star Victoria please send us an email at ivy at ivycreekstudios.com and we will get back to you as soon as time permits. Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy our films! Best of luck to you in your endeavors!

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