Cinematography For Videogames” First Ever To Be Taught in a Film School

The New Class To Be Presented at CineGear Expo 2012 by The Global Cinematography Institute

Cinematography in Video Games and Virtual Cinematography will be shown as part of the presentation by the Global Cinematography Institute ( founded recently by Directors of Photography Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC and Yuri Neyman, ASC. It is the advanced program which combines classical and virtual cinematography in the new discipline called “Expanded Cinematography” which includes Advanced Lighting for Feature Films, Cinematography for Music Videos, Funda mentals of Lighting and Composition, Digital Lighting, Previsualization, Digital Cinematography, Virtual Cinematography, On The Set Image Management, Postproduction Technology, The History of Cinematography & Photography, and more. The presentation will take place during CineGear Expo ’12 on Saturday, June 2nd from 4 to 5pm in the Sherry Lansing Theater at Paramount Studios:


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About Star Victoria

We are an independent film studio specializing in the art of visual storytelling. We also hold monthly storytelling seminars, acting classes and filmmaker workshops. Our director Star Victoria mentors 10 filmmakers a year voluntarily as she enjoys giving back and sharing her knowledge. For more information on any of the workshops, seminars, classes or being mentored by Star Victoria please send us an email at ivy at and we will get back to you as soon as time permits. Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy our films! Best of luck to you in your endeavors!

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