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Withoutabox SD online screener needs an upgrade to HD


I just uploaded my latest short film Dead man’s hand to Withoutabox’s online screener which technically is on IMDB’s website. I was appalled by the extremely low quality the HD movie looked like on the screener. This film was shot on Red, color corrected with Davinci and the screener made it look like I took an old camcorder and just decided one day to make a movie. Instead of the months of pre-production and thousands of dollars that went into creating it. After doing my reasearch I found out that the online screener is still in SD format. What?! It’s 2012 and HD has been going strong for several years now and isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Yes people still film in SD but there are so many more that film in HD so it’s high time they upgrade their system to accept HD quality movies. I want the festivals to see how beautiful the film is in the highest quality it can be. So I posted on Withoutabox’s Facebook page and said something about it. Maybe they haven’t upgraded because there hasn’t been enough stink about it. So I ask all filmmakers and film festival folks to go to Withoutabox’s FB page and demand their online screener be upgraded to accept HD! And with that said I’m going to go break a few Standard Def. DVDs.


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